Smokie Pork Raised Pie

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This isn't punch you in the stomach, mouth puckering smokiness. This is a subtle use of smoked gammon and bacon balanced with chicken thighs and dried apricots to deliver a tasty pie that you will keep raiding the fridge for.

Available as a 7" (feeds 6-8) or 9" pie (feeds 12-16)

EVERY PIE IS MADE TO ORDER SO PLEASE ALLOW MINIMUM 3 WORKING DAYS BEFORE COLLECTION OR DELIVERY. We will email you to confirm when your order will be available. Delivery as per our schedule only.

Ingredients: Pork, sausage meat (gluten), smoked gammon, chicken, dried apricots (sulphites), chicken stock (celery),  gelatine, herbs and spices, seasoning.

Pastry: wheat flour (gluten), butter (dairy) lard, egg, cream, salt, caramel