Chicken Balti Pie

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What's that?  Curry in a pie? Oh yes please!

Our generously filled homemade individual-portion pie uses white and dark chicken, a creamy coconut and tomato sauce with mango chutney and mild curry spices.  All encased in our homemade butter and lard pastry.  Handcrimped.  Each pie we make is frozen and ready to cook without defrosting.

This pie is marked with B to identify it.

Ingredients (allergens in bold):

Filling: Chicken, onion, tomato, yoghurt, mango chutney (sugar, mango, salt, spices, acetic acid) spices

Pastry: wheat flour, lard, butter, egg, salt, caramel, glucose syrup

We use whole chickens and have made every effort to remove bones but some small bones may remain.

Serves 1